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What is the rating?

Rating - is the total number of points/experience earned by the player during the current period. The period is one month. It’s mean that each month a player has a chance to become a leader!

Also the rating shows the change of player’s position accordingly to the previous game period.

Attention! Each month the TOP players will receive some prizes! This month the prize for the 1st place is 20 Booster Points!

Other TOP players will get 18 booster points for 2nd place, 16 for 3rd, 14 for 4th, etc.


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Customers rating

# Customer Points Prize
61 Rachelmariej1994 User car 23 pts.
62 stop typing or youll die User car 23 pts.
63 King BoB User car 20 pts.
64 Aoife Ramsi User car 19 pts.
65 Mohammad Alam User car 19 pts.
66 AsAwa ni MinGgo User car 16 pts.
67 LOOK BACK AT IT User car 15 pts.
68 Angie Cheung User car 15 pts.
69 clairem User car 8 pts.
70 jeiros bjeiros User car 8 pts.
71 bahug ilok User car 5 pts.
72 NoNards User car 3 pts.
73 abc User car 3 pts.
74 zbcbcbc User car 2 pts.
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