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What is this all about?

This is an exciting online competition in speed typing!

It's a game that can help you to learn a lot of new information and amazing facts. You can practise free in fast typing and have much fun with your friends and relatives.

It's so easy, so cheerful and so useful!

Top 10 racers

1. Minato Namikaze 5091 pts.
2. Twinkle 4900 pts.
9 ↑ 3. RiccardoS 4215 pts.
-1 ↓ 4. Type Beast 3946 pts.
5. erikawithers 1607 pts.
6. J.Hz 918 pts.
7. clairem 705 pts.
-4 ↓ 8. All Might 526 pts.
2 ↑ 9. Jessica Jones 361 pts.
-1 ↓ 10. His Majesty The Royal Highness High king of Dane Kaiser Stew von Siggurdson of the House of Gilgam 289 pts.

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Here you can compete online with other participants in speed typing and practise your typing skill.
Just create a new game or join the existing one in order to start your typing practice. You will see a text that you should type correctly and fast. Click "Create" or "Join", play games and become THE TOP one!

Want to type fast? Start practising now! Join an existing race, or start a new one!
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