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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change a car?

You can buy a new car in the “Shop” section in your profile. If you already have a car or cars, you can choose any of them in the “Garage” section in your profile.

What are points?

You can earn points for each finished game. The number of points depends on the place you took and number of the players. If you play alone, you will earn only 2 points. You can spend your points to buy new cars or to modify your current one.

What speed does the speedometer show in the game?

The speedometer shows your current speed at the moment. It is calculated out of last few keystrokes and depends on the number of mistakes you make.

Site works slow. What should I do?

In this case try to restart your browser. If you use Mozilla Firefox, try to deactivate some browser extensions. You can also try the Google Chrome web browser, it is fast for web applications. Do not use IE :-)

I use the Internet Explorer 6,7 and I have a problem with…

Unfortunately, the 6th and 7th versions of Internet Explorer are out of date. Our list of supported browsers doesn’t include it. It causes a number of specific problems. You can update your current browser on the official Microsoft site.

Why should I sign in?

As a registered user you can:
  • see your personal statistics, which are accurately collected and saved; statistics show the best and the average speed of typing, the total number of points you have earned, the percentage of mistakes that were made and the mileage converted from the number of completed texts;
  • receive bonuses and awards;
  • use the “Garage” and the “Shop” sections to improve your cars;
  • use the forum: post messages, comments, discuss races and competitions. (soon)
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