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Levels and Experience. Typing competitions

A new Level allows you to buy new cars, that were not available earlier. Your Level increases when you participate in special Level competitions.

The Level competitions are races that give you Experience for the victory. Such races are marked with The Gold key in the list of races. Each key is additionally indicated with the factor (read below).

Participation in every Level competition costs 150 points (it can cost you less if you activate the “Cheaper competition” Booster). The number of Experience points you can get in Competition race depends on the number of players in the race, on the place you take and on your active Boosters.

Competition races start every half an hour and they can be easily recognized by The Gold key. Sometimes you can participate in races of an elevated level. See the table below for the schedule of such games (the time is adapted to your time zone):

Time Rating Time Rating Time Rating Time Rating
[0] x5 [6] x3 [12] x5 [18] x3
[0.5] x1 [6.5] x1 [12.5] x1 [18.5] x1
[1] x2 [7] x2 [13] x2 [19] x2
[1.5] x1 [7.5] x1 [13.5] x1 [19.5] x1
[2] x2 [8] x2 [14] x2 [20] x2
[2.5] x1 [8.5] x1 [14.5] x1 [20.5] x1
[3] x3 [9] x3 [15] x3 [21] x3
[3.5] x1 [9.5] x1 [15.5] x1 [21.5] x1
[4] x2 [10] x2 [16] x2 [22] x2
[4.5] x1 [10.5] x1 [16.5] x1 [22.5] x1
[5] x2 [11] x2 [17] x2 [23] x2
[5.5] x1 [11.5] x1 [17.5] x1 [23.5] x1

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