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About keyboard-racing

What’s Keyboard-racing?

Keyboard-racing is an absolutely free online service that helps learn blind typing in a fast and easy way.

Keyboard-racing is a competitive game of typing. Players start typing a random text on a certain subject. The goal is to type the text correctly and as fast as you can. As you type the text correctly your car moves forward. The faster you type, the faster the car goes. If a mistake occurs, the car will stop, and you will have to fix the typo to continue the race.

What's it all for? Improve your typing speed and quality. Learn how to type faster with less mistakes, without looking at the keyboard. Even if you use a non-standard keyboard layout, like Dvorak or Colemak, you still can practice speed-typing - just pick the right layout under the virtual keyboard.

At the end of the game you will see the statistics: race time, average speed (symbols per minute) and the number of mistakes made.

Each completed race gains you a certain amount of points depending on your race results and the text length.

Registered users have their racing history accurately collected and saved to their personal accounts.

At the beginning every player gets a plain car looking like this Default car. The points player earn from completing races can be spent on upgrading the car. We have a variety of available car upgrades, and there’s more to come!

Keyboard-Racing is a place where you can compete in typing skill, and we want to keep the competition fair and honest. Please follow the rules of our site:
  • do not use any cheating software - the main goal is to learn typing, not to gain points;
  • do not use more than 1 account to set up false races;
  • do not share the access to your personal account with anyone, especially to upgrade the garage;
  • do not insult other players in any way during the game or in the chat or forum;
  • do not break the competition spirit of Keyboard-Racing in any other way.

The administration reserves the right to punish a player or block his or her account without further explanation for any violations. The moderators are responsible for rules keeping. Any public discussions of moderators’ acts are prohibited. All complaints and questions regarding the moderators’ work can be addressed either to a particular moderator personally or using the feedback form.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section. If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to use the feedback form.

Do not miss our Lessons and read the article Proper Typing Basics or How to type correctly.

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