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Boosters are extra abilities in your typing way. Boosters can help you grow quickly in the rating list. These are the boosters we have for you:


Absolution"Forgive me father for I have sinned." Ignore one typo in any race (any mode).

Extra speed

Extra speedYour speed will appear 10 cpm (2 wpm) higher in any race.


ProdigyGet +30% more exp in every competition race.

Economy class

Economy classCompetitions cost twice cheaper.

Rich daddy

Rich daddyGet +50% extra points in every non-competition race

Mission impossible

Mission impossibleYou can skip one mission every hour

You can get Boosters in our shop. There are some ways to get it:
  • You'll get 1 booster point for every new playing day. So you play for 1 day and the next day you'll get 1 booster point immediately after finishing the first race.
  • You'll get 3 booster points for your personal Referral link. You can read more information here.
  • You can change any number of your points to the Booster points. Go to our shop.

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