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I am here from and will, probably, return there as well, as the site provides an opportunity to type a whole book of your choice. What I like here, is much better drawn cars and the fact that the creator(s) of this site do not scrimp to add new cars for the users to buy for points as it does the current owner of the site who for years ignores the plea of his many players to add new cars to buy. Personally I would like to see Tesla Roadster in my virtual garage, asked him directly about it on his press-conference at the beginning of the last year and through the special facility (this plea had collected so much votes that it is now ranked the third!) with no result. And this is in spite of the fact that Tesla Roadster as well as many other cars has already been drawn by users themselves: he just has to put the existing drawings into the car shop. I do not know if the Tesla Roadster is available on so far, though. 07.11.2019.

P.S. Well, I think that it's time for me to leave this site and return to The community that exists there warrants against cheating. Also, as I have said earlier, on that site, it is possible to chose any book of your interest and type it from the first to last sentence. The texts there also contain much less grammatical errors, and if they happen, everyone can report it, and it will be corrected. What I will miss here is a very nice car drawing. But I've made a screenshot. :) That's all forks. 27.05.2020. Yours Gevis.

16.07.2020 Today, my google-chrome refused to open this site because of security problems. Currently, I did it via Firefox, but if the problem will not be fixed, my presence here will greatly diminish. P.S. In addition, my score in the rating stopped renewing and does not show actual values.


21 Sep 20 09:59 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 293 cpm (~59 wpm)!

30 Jun 20 19:48 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 284 cpm (~57 wpm)!

26 Jun 20 11:48 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 276 cpm (~56 wpm)!

9 Jun 20 22:31 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 275 cpm (~55 wpm)!

31 May 20 18:08 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 255 cpm (~51 wpm)!

18 May 20 14:02 Received the Badge: 1,000 finished races

12 May 20 17:10 Received the Medal: 500,000 symbols done

2 Apr 20 09:07 Received the Medal: 50 hours of races

18 Feb 20 11:13 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 253 cpm (~51 wpm)!

29 Jan 20 21:47 You increased your max speed! Your new record is 243 cpm (~49 wpm)!


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